Useful WordPress Plugins

Useful WordPress Plugins

August 28th, 2011 // 10:10 pm @

I wanted to share some of my favorite wordpress plugins I have found, to help make my life easier… viagra discount coupon

  • FeedWordPress – This is probably one of my favorite plugins right now.  I have several sites that I just aggregate content onto.  So its kind of a mashup of sites.  To use this plugin I flag content in Delicious, and then depending on the tags that I give the article, will depend on the category it will end up in on my site.  I also use this for sites that I just know that I want to include all of their stories on my site.  Using FeedWordPress I can just subscribe to their RSS feed, and whenever they post an article, I get it on my site.  Great tool to help keep the content on my site fresh, and a way to keep my readers informed of information they would have to go else where to find.. tips buying viagra online
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